HR Consulting

With the rise of 21st century many organizations seek to adapt to an ever-changing professional environment. Within these organizations, HR Professionals face many challenges by handling strategic roles in addition to the daily activities. With these changes HR Departments are moving from a traditional to a strategic approach by outsourcing the BAU activities and concentrating more on Corporate planning, Workforce management, Leadership development and taking Critical decisions.
The HR consulting is more of a human resource management and are responsible for assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations by introducing the best practices followed in the market, there by benefiting the clients to concentrate more on core business.
RRS People works provides a variety of HR consulting services for all types of organizations. We have certified HR consultants who can respond to the HR needs most effectively and our services can be delivered independently or as a group by giving the flexibility and expertise when the clients need it.

Compliance Auditing:

  • Organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines
  • Review of company records
  • Highlighting management on non compliances
  • Risks & remedies

Policies & Process:

  • Review of existing policies & process
  • Aligning with labor laws
  • Suggesting the best market practices
  • Recommendation to management basis the market survey

Employee Issues & ER letters:

  • Review of ER case
  • Feedback to management on action required
  • Assistance in providing an external person
  • Drafting of ER letters
  • Further proceedings

Negotiations & Benefits:

  • Profound knowledge of employment markets
  • In-depth knowledge of HR practices
  • Assistance on Benefits structure
  • Suggesting the best market practices
  • Recommendation to management based on market survey

Compensation and M&A Due-Diligence:

  • Review of existing pay structure in line with laws
  • Suggesting the best market practices
  • An Investigation / audit to confirm on the facts
  • Suggesting the best market practices
  • Assistance on CTC Computation / Structure